Over the years, I have been exploring a hard-edge geometric vocabulary, merging it with a pop sensibility. My paintings embrace an over-the-top exuberance, weaving together a range of references from architecture, cartoons, and graphic design, as well as the rich history of geometric art. I employ simple geometric forms and organic shapes, pushing their boundaries through experimentation with scale, color, and overlapping layers. The resulting compositions, vibrant and subdued, curved and straight, static and dynamic, hold opposites in tension. In this way, I continue to refine my personal and idiosyncratic approach to geometric painting and explore the endless possibilities of abstraction.

My process begins with a painting of multiple irregular lines and grids. I then apply a thin wash of transparent white, partially obscuring this under-painting. This initial layer forms a subdued scaffolding or substructure on which to build my shapes, forms, and lines. I initiate my paintings based on earlier colored pencil drawings, but I allow the work to evolve organically, creating a delicate balance between intuition and intention. In many ways, I believe these paintings reflect our current world: a sense of separation, division, imbalance, and vulnerability, yet infused with a touch of hope and optimism.